Xeleris workstation and applications

Molecular imaging has the distinct ability to make visible what could normally be invisible. Beyond that, it has the ability to measure it. This combination is what makes molecular imaging uniquely positioned to enable the search for true discovery.  A true discovery is different. It provides reproducible evidence to permit greater understanding. More than an observation, it is proof. And because it is reproducible, it is relatable, which means it could potentially transcend an individual and have a lasting impact for all. To make a true discovery in nuclear medicine, the applications you use to interpret and communicate information are just as important as the tracers used to highlight that information and the technology used to capture it. In fact, it's these final measurable results that you ultimately require. To make the true discovery that helps you deliver the best outcome to the patient, or potentially impact the standard of care for all patients, you need the accuracy and consistency of absolute quantitation. XelerisTM 4.0 is the next generation of our proven workstation for nuclear medicine. In the past, Xeleris led the way with mobilized capabilities that gave you accessible, easy-to-use tools to enhance productivity. With your guidance, we designed Xeleris 4.0 to deliver modern, quantitative applications for nuclear medicine; applications that give you the certainty of absolute quantitation in customizable, easy-to-read reports across multiple care areas. Whether you are analyzing the brain, the heart, the lungs or any other organ of interest; if the decisions you make are better informed because we helped you find measurable true discoveries, then we have accomplished our mission with Xeleris 4.0.