Pristine Dueta

BREAST IMAGING: Pristina Dueta

Providing patient comfort and a sense of control

The fear of compression is one of the reasons why women don't come for their breast examination.* Under technologist supervision, new Pristina Dueta, patient-assisted compression device, offers a way to regain a sense of control over the exam. Amongst women who used Dueta, four out of five found it improved the comfort of their exam, and over half of them found it led to less anxiety.** For the first time, patient-assisted compression allows women to achieve the compression that is right for them, and is proven to produce images of similar quality compared to images where compression was applied solely by the technologist.***

Fast Facts

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    Reduce patient anxiety: Among patients who used the patient-assisted compression device, 93% of them were less or not anxious.**
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    Improve patient comfort: Amongst patients surveyed, 79% found Pristina Dueta improved the comfort of their exam.**
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    Performing a mammogram with Dueta compared to compression solely applied by the technologist did not significantly increase the time of the exam.***
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* de Groot et al, pain preventing strategies in mammography, March 2015
** IPSOS Patient Satisfaction Study sponsored by GE Healthcare, conducted with 315 patients across 2 sites in Europe, out of which 160 were offered the patient-assisted compression option, February 2017
*** Based on clinical evaluation conducted on 30 patients undergoing standard FFDM views (CC and MLO) June 2017. Data on file