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SIGNA™ Premier

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SIGNA™ Premier is GE Healthcare’s newest ultra-premium 3.0T MR system that combines powerful SuperG gradient technology and a 146-channel Total Digital Imaging (TDI) RF chain into a true 70 cm wide bore. Designed for high-end research and clinical excellence, SIGNA™ Premier expands the capabilities of 3.0T imaging with consistent acquisitions that adapt to physiology and intelligent applications that accelerate clinical outcomes.

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SuperG, GE Healthcare’s newest gradient coil, boasts technical specifications designed for premium outcomes. The 80 mT/m amplitude and 200 T/m/s slew rate coupled with an all-hollow construction to maximize duty-cycle, delivers superb performance in demanding research protocols, including advanced neurological studies that aim to shed light on the anatomical and functional connectivity within the human brain. With the industry’s first 146-channel Total Digital Imaging (TDI) RF chain, SIGNA Premier enhances SNR and improves parallel imaging and multi-slice excitation schemes.

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Built upon GE’s short bore 3.0T magnet platform, the SIGNA Premier delivers best-in-class magnet homogeneity over a 50cm FOV for improved fat saturation and higher resolution at the edges of the FOV. With a variety of features that adapt image acquisition to physiology, including free-breathing dynamic acquisitions, prospective motion correction and intelligent SAR management, SIGNA Premier redefines precision with consistent results regardless of patient particularities.


SIGNA Premier brings intelligence at its core with SIGNA™Works, a productivity platform that redefines productivity across the breadth of core imaging techniques. SIGNA Premier supports faster productivity with HyperWorks, a speed scanning tool in the SIGNA™Works platform. SIGNA™Works takes full advantage of TDI, further advancing diagnostics and quickening throughput, while simultaneously improving outcomes.

Fast Facts

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    SuperG 80 mT/m @200 T/m/s gradients 
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    146-ch TDI Receive Chain
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    70cm wide bore
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    AIR Technology ready

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