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Optima XR646 HD is 510(k) pending at FDA (1). Not available for sale in the United States
Optimize your X-ray experience with versatility, speed and precision for all your patients. Optima XR646 HD is a versatile digital radiographic system that empowers radiology teams to deliver clinical excellence and comfort, regardless of patient size or mobility. The ground breaking FlashPad HD detector technology with up to four times higher definition* and revolutionary Helix Image Processing work together to deliver digital X-ray images with reliable consistency and extraordinary anatomical detail at low dose.


Introducing Helix image processing and FlashPad HD detectors on Optima XR646 HD

Optima XR646 HD is powered by AutoRAD, a comprehensive workflow automation suite and supported by connected analytics and service technologies, helping you improve the quality of care and efficiency of your radiology department.

Fast Facts

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    FlashPad HD detectors pack four times more pixels per area* for sharp X-ray images to help unlock information that was hidden before.
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    400kg / 882 lbs weight limit****: Serve patients of all sizes, ages and mobility with ease with the bariatric table that lowers to below 20 inches.
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    75% DQE**: FlashPad HD has ultra high DQE and helps produce diagnostic quality images at low dose.
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    Automatic stitching in < 22 seconds *** Perform fully automated and long bone and spine exams with outstanding accuracy and speed using Auto Image Paste at the wall stand.
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    Excellence made easy - Helix advanced image processing helps you achieve consistent brightness and contrast across variations in dose, collimation, and patient position.
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    Drop tested from 70cm:
    Durable FlashPad HD detector can also withstand a dispersed load of 150kg/330lbs

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* Compared to FlashPad
**Typical DQE at 0 lp/mm
*** Duration for a 3 image exam
**** Elevating table: 400kg static, 320 kg dynamic weight limit