OEC Elite MiniView SmartLock


Changing the mini C-arm experience

Twenty years ago, GE Healthcare introduced the first mini C-arm. The OEC Elite MiniView is the next generation of mini C-arms to elevate your surgical experience. The OEC Elite MiniView provides quick and easy single-handed operation with large, full-size primary and reference images for your comparative views. Designed with a focused field of view (FOV) for the surgical area of interest, the OEC Elite MiniView is a stable and reliable platform for your extremity surgical procedures.

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A mini C-arm offering more control, more independence

The OEC Elite MiniView was designed after observing the daily experiences of extremity surgeons and addresses multiple needs.

MOVEMENT: Achieve optimal positioning quickly and smoothly with the MiniView’s orbital rotation sleeve with counterbalanced vertical slider. A balanced carbon fiber C design requires less force to maneuver around anatomy and you can easily transition between AP, lateral and aerial views. CONTROL: Introducing SmartLock—an exclusive feature to help lock joints and eliminate drift with one touch of a button. IMAGE: See detailed, full-sized dual images without straining as the MiniView provides large primary and reference images.

Fast Facts

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    Single-handedly manage your mini C-arm with speed and ease.
  • lock
    Exclusive SmartLock feature - lock joints and eliminate drift concerns.
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    Lightweight carbon fiber C with distinctive rotation and vertical travel to easily glide into position.
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    Detailed, full-sized dual images - large primary and reference images

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