DXA Bone Densitometers with enCORE version 17

New Advances in Bone and Metabolic Health

The latest upgrade to our enCORE software that further improves our world-class DXA family of products. With enCORE v17 software, you’ll particularly benefit from three features that focus on incipient Atypical Femur Fracture, Sarcopenia, Cybersecurity measures and improved Database Migration tools.

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Fast Facts

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    Quantify and Trend Atypical Femur Fractures. Quick retrospective and scans of proximal and distal femur.
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    Unique Sarcopenia Status Calculator. Create your own Sarcopenia  definitions.
  • diagnosis
    Complement Bone Mineral Density by analyzing the bone structure to determine the Trabecular Bone Score.
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    Improved database migration tools and features to meet the cybersecurity control measures.

Contact us|   UK Only: 0800-032-9201