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Search less. Care more.

Delays in finding equipment can compromise patient care and are a source of patient and staff dissatisfaction.
Encompass, GE Healthcare's new real-time location systems (RTLS) can help reduce the time caregivers spend searching for mobile assets such as infusion pumps, telemetry boxes or wheelchairs.

Accurate, real-time asset management helps:

  • Ensure critical assets are located quickly for use or maintenance
  • Confirm equipment cleaning process is adhered to
  • Improve staff efficiency by reducing time looking for assets
  • Reduce cost by improving asset utilization and right-sizing inventories

Cost-Effective Asset Management

Encompass is a cloud-based application that uses open standards and Bluetooth* Low Energy (BLE) and Wi-Fi* technology to track equipment. This solution helps to eliminate the classic objections to proprietary hard-wired locating systems. There is no on-site server for the hospital to maintain and no dedicated software to update. The system readily scales to accommodate growth and can be easily reconfigured if hospital layouts are redesigned or repurposed.


Encompass is a cost-effective solution that helps hospitals manage mobile asset inventory, reduce total cost of ownership and achieve better capital allocation. It enables healthcare professionals to manage all critical mobile assets in real-time with accuracy and ease, so that they spend less time searching for equipment and can concentrate on providing quality patient care.

Fast Facts

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    Costs up to 60% less than traditional hardwired RTLS technologies.
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    You could save on average or around 24,000 hours per years searching for hospital equipment.
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    A small- to medium-sized hospital could reduce the search time from 24 minutes to 4 minutes which is a wasted labor cost equivalent to $714,000 per year.
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    A small- to medium-sized hospital could reduce the rental cost of IV pumps by around $50K in the first years.

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