Discovery XR656

X-RAY: Discovery XR656 HD

X-ray the future, now

A new frontier in digital X-ray. Outstanding image quality at low dose. Effortless precision. Powered by new HelixTM advanced image processing. We've created a platform that opens the door to amazing possibilities in X-ray imaging, for you and your patients. Leading the way to the future of digital X-ray, Discovery XR656 HD is GE's most advanced digital radiographic system featuring Helix advanced image processing. By bringing you the sharp detail just sharp detail and the balanced contrast and brightness you need despite variations in exposure technique, the discovery XR656 HD will help you make the first image count.. And thanks to the ultra-high definition and dose efficiency of new FlashPad HD detectors, you now can visualize extraordinary anatomical detail at low dose, where it matters most, for your tiniest patients (and the largest ones too).


Helix™ Advanced image processing that delivers sharp detail and consistent performance in X-ray, despite variations in dose & patient anatomy.

FlashPad HD high resolution cassette size digital detectors to capture extraordinary anatomical detail at low dose.

AutoRAD workflow automation suite for fast and easy X-ray exams and effortless patient positioning, including Auto Image Paste for seamless image stitching with outstanding precision and speed

Compatible with GE Digital’s Applied Intelligence platform that offers outcomes focused analytics solutions, including X-ray Quality Application featuring Repeat Reject Analytics.

Fast Facts

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    FlashPad HD detectors pack four times more pixels per area* for sharp to help unlock information that was hidden before
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    Auto-position with the push of a button 9 preset system positions and additional programmable ones to reduce user fatigue and increase productivity
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    Automatic stitching in
    < 22 seconds
    *** Perform fully automated and long bone and spine exams with outstanding accuracy and speed using Auto Image Paste at the wall stand and on the table.
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    0 mouse clicks & 0 hours to analyze Repeats
    Compatible with the automated web based Xray Quality Application to uncover root causes of repeats & rejects
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    75% DQE**: FlashPad HD has ultra high DQE and helps produce diagnostic quality images at much lower doses than many comparable detectors.
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    Excellence made easy Helix advanced image processing helps you achieve consistent brightness and contrast across variations in dose, collimation, and patient position.

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* With FlashPad HD's 100 micron pixel pitch compared to FlashPad
**Typical DQE at O Ip/mm
*** Durati on for a 3 image exam