Discovery RF 180

Discovery RF180

The One-for-All system to perform radiography, fluoroscopy and advanced applications on all patients in one room

Discovery RF 180 is 510(k) pending at FDA*. Not available for sale in the United States.
Reinventing x-ray means designing systems that can enhance all outcomes - clinical, operational and financial. Flexible, precise and low dose, the Discovery RF180 is a powerful remote imaging tool that fosters great diagnostic certainty all from the first image. Simple and intuitive, it provides a streamlined clinical workflow optimized for quality-infused value-based care. It’s also one of the only systems that can conduct a wide variety of exams including tomo and stitching, helping ensure unprecedented performance, uptime and fast ROI.

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Features that deliver Performance

90/90 tilting table                                                 Variable 180cm (6')

SID                                                                             285cm (112") coverage

47cm (18.5") min height elevating table        320kg (705Ib) table weight

limit                                                                           Full rear access

Fast Facts

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    All about Performance
    The Discovery RF180 can perform tomo, stitching, DSA, bariatric exams and conduct chest exams without extra equipment.
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    All about Easy
    Intuitive touchscreen user interface and AutoRF simplify exam set-up with fewer clicks and less need to physically move equipment.
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    All about confidence.
    With the latest premium FPD low-dose technology, pediatric protocols, virtual radiation-free collimation and positioning and advanced apps, the Discovery RF180 is designed to deliver fast, high-quality images that support quality care.
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    Easy that excels
    Combines ease of use, diagnostic confidence and multi use performance supported by inbuilt remote services

Contact us|   UK Only: 0800-032-9201