Centricity Universal Viewer

HEALTHCARE DIGITAL: Centricity Universal Viewer

Web-based PACS, enterprise and zero footprint diagnostic viewer with Intelligent productivity tools

Centricity Universal Viewer helps increase efficiency and simplifies information access with a single application for 2D, 3D, 4D imagery, including support for cardiology, breast imaging and advanced visualization. It removes barriers to efficiency to assist radiologists achieve their goal of high quality patient care. Centricity Universal Viewer is designed to ensure that valuable time is spent solving diagnostic challenges, not navigating software. Centricity Universal Viewer is a customizable, intuitive user interface with an optimized layout to reduce the steps required to view and interpret studies. Centricity Universal Viewer allows you to focus and spend time reading and interpreting the images versus on the software.

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GE Healthcare's Centricity™ Universal Viewer supports the transition to a value based care model by optimizing productivity through a unified, web-based diagnostic viewer designed to keep diagnosticians ‘in the workflow.’

With intelligent tools, streamlined workflows, advanced visualization, 3D post-processing, breast imaging tools, and enterprise-wide access to medical images on a single desktop, Centricity Universal Viewer is a next generation Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) delivering enhancing diagnostic speed and confidence.

Centricity Universal Viewer provides radiologists and other diagnosticians the support they need to become a full and central member of the care team, contributing directly to improved patient outcomes, lowered costs of care, and quicker times to diagnose and treat patients.


Centricity Universal Viewer is a next generation PACs system delivering up to 40% improvement in reading efficiency*

GE Healthcare continues to drive innovation in healthcare by providing radiologists and clinicians with solutions for image viewing, editing, and evaluation of patient conditions, leading to quick diagnoses and enhanced outcomes in patient care. The Centricity Universal Viewer Intelligent Tools act as Intelligent Clinical Assistants to help improve productivity and increase access to patient data to help enhance diagnostic confidence.

  • Smart Reading Protocols (SRP) use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to reduce Image setup time.  
  • Timeline and Navigator with Smart Relevancy reduces time searching for patient’s imaging history.  
  • SmartLoading™ delivers diagnostic quality images to any location quickly.
  • Intelligent Worklist with AutoServe uses rules based (AI) algorithms to drive efficient workload balancing.  
  • Imaging Related Clinical Context (IRCC) delivers relevant patient clinical content in context to support a more rapid and confident diagnosis.

Fast Facts

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    Centricity Universal Viewer is a next generation PACs system delivering up to 40% improvement in reading efficiency.*
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    Centricity Universal Viewer Smart Reading Protocols saves 9% of read time by not having to modifying the image layout.2
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    Centricity Universal Viewer saves up to 19% of radiologist's time through a single workstation for all modalities.3
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    Centricity Universal Viewer Zero Footprint Increases diagnostic confidence by up to 10% through care collaboration.4

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* Source: Case Study- Helimed Diagnostic Imaging Case study March 2014.
2. CPACS Radiology Productivity Results Summary FINAL (Lean six sigma study performed by GE Healthcare in 2010 with users of Centricity PACS).

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