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Centricity™ Cardio Enterprise* is the glue that holds cardiology together

Centricity™ Cardio Enterprise bridges the gaps between cardiology service lines and healthcare information systems, across the multilocation continuum of cardiovascular care. Centricity Cardio Enterprise provides remote access to unified patient data, waveforms, images and reports with end-to-end configurable workflows. This powerful tool helps cardiologists and cardiovascular staff to enhance patient care through full clinical access, improved productivity and financial performance.

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Provides the tools cardiologists need so IT can consolidate and Quality can standardize

For Cardiology Medical Directors who work in large academic, networked institutions with high volumes of patients, Centricity Cardio Enterprise harnesses the power of structured CV data to complement the EMR with meaningful information.

A single point of entry feeds structured data from point of care to reporting database, EMR and data registries to help cardiology and extended care teams make faster, more informed decisions. Comprehensive care pathway coverage

Fast Facts

  • reports
    Our proprietary structured data model and workflow expertise helped Licking Memorial Hospital eliminate 3 out of 7 workflow steps. This reduced report turnaround time by 82%.1
  • vitals
    Oklahoma State University Medical Center reduced procedure time by 20 minutes per study2 with remote access to studies, and reduced stress echo time by 45 minutes per study with stress ECG integration.3
  • checkmark
    Saratoga streamlined interoperability and reduced number of handoffs between cardio systems and EMR.4

Supporting Materials

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* Centricity Cardio Enterprise is comprised of Centricity Cardio Workflow and Centricity Universal Viewer

1. Licking Memorial Hospital Case Study, July 2017
2. Oklahoma State University Medical Center Case Study, July 2014
3. Stress ECG Integration OSUMC video testimonial JB36921XXa and stress echo outcome digital communication with customer January 2016
4. Saratoga Hospital webinar, October, 2015