Applied Intelligence

X-RAY: Quality Application

Repeat Reject Analysis (RRA)
Identify root causes, Enable action

Uncovers the root cause of rejected x-ray exams, enabling targeted training, operational efficiency and can
help reduce unnecessary patient dose.

Rejected X-rays lead to: Unnecessary patient dose, decreased throughput, lost revenue potential, wasted staff
resources & time

RRA is a Quality Control (QC) practice :Calculate reject rate, identify root causes, address reject drivers, offer
targeted training, modify protocols or system and monitor over time

Fast Facts

  • Redo
    Rejected images can be as high as 25%.1
  • statistics
    40%* have limited availability of skilled employees to analyze data.
  • thumbsup
    RRA can help reduce unnecessary radiation exposure to patients; By revealing root cause of rejected x-rays and enabling targeted solutions.
  • add
    Increase productivity of the technologist, QA, and physicist staff.
  • planner
    Address state regulations which mandate repeat/reject programs (audit preparedness) Reduce privacy & traditional methods of USB data transfer.
  • Dashboard
    Reduce non-value add imaging, increase capacity for diagnostic exams.
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1. Little, Kevin J., et al. "Unified database for rejected image analysis across multiple vendors in radiography." Journal of the American College of Radiology 14.2 (2017):

*IDG Enterprise Big Data and Analytics Survey 2015