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Innovation with people in mind

AIR Technology was designed to address common clinical concerns for better patient comfort, easier coil positioning and increased technologist productivity and workflow. Conforming to all body shapes and sizes, the revolutionary lightweight and flexible design simplifies patient positioning for the technologist and offers a new level of comfort for the patient. And the performance? The innovative loop technology is engineered for higher density channel count, increased SNR and improved image quality*.

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Experience Freedom

Designed for freedom in coil positioning, GE Healthcare's revolutionary AIR Technology is reinventing the way imaging should be. The ultra-lightweight design combines innovative conductor loop technology with a new level of patient comfort. Lighter than previous generation coils, the AIR Technology comfort design is ≥60% lighter weight for better reliability. This minimalism in design leads to maximized power, with consistent high-quality imaging with the highest density, 140-channel coverage for whole body, multi-station imaging. Created with people in mind, the flexible overlay design conforms comfortably to all patient types, leaving them more at ease during a scan and frees up the technologist to focus more on the patient and not on the technology. Welcome to the future of imaging.

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Fast Facts

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    Revolutionary coil design that is ≥60% lighter, offers more flexibility, and has the largest area of coverage.
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    Up to 65 cm of coverage with 30-channel Anterior Array.
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    Designed to fit 99.9% of patients.
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    Redefine patient satisfaction with industry-leading flexible design
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    More than 140 channels simultaneously connected
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    Designed to reduce technologist skill variation
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    Reduce scan times with simplified positioning and handling
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    Conforming design leads to increased signal penetration
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*Compared to previous generations of conventional coil technology