Fueling the future of MR

Our new SIGNA™Works productivity platform redefines productivity. SIGNA™Works is the fuel that drives your imaging to the next level and beyond. It's value-added technology that's upgradable and can be customized with additional applications to suit the needs of your growing practice.

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Fueling the future of MR

The SIGNA™Works productivity platform brings a host of new clinical possibilities to your growing practice. Fully customizable and upgradable, SIGNA™Works optimizes operational efficiency and throughput with greater speed, accuracy and consistency. But what truly sets this platform apart are the cloud-based innovation applications and intelligent deep learning solutions that visualize and quantify data for post processing. Get ready to push your MR capabilities beyond the conventional for a whole new level of performance.

Fast Facts

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    Complete SIGNA portfolio fueled by SIGNA™Works.
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    Exceptional image quality and enhanced tissue contrast with volumetric 3D acquisitions.
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    Standard, elective and innovative applications designed to suit the needs of any practice.
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    Revolutionized patient experience with needle-free and contrast-free applications.
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    Value-added technology that’s upgradeable and customizable.
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    Noise-free and free-breathing applications offering newfound patient comfort.
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    Streamlined workflow for better performance and greater productivity.
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    Advanced visualization and quantitative standardized reporting.

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