Look Differently at Dense Breast Tissue

Invenia ABUS is the only FDA-approved ultrasound technology specifically designed for breast cancer screening, and is used as an adjunct to mammography for women with dense breast tissue. It has demonstrated a 55 percent relative increase* in the detection of invasive breast cancers in women with dense breasts. It also has a diagnostic indication for use. Invenia™ 3D ABUS is designed to enhance the consistency, reproducibility, and sensitivity of whole breast ultrasound. The clinical benefit of Invenia ABUS is finding cancers missed by mammography in dense breasts – helping find invasive cancers when they are small and more treatable.


Improved imaging for women with dense breasts

Invenia ABUS is a clinically proven, FDA-approved non-ionizing screening technology that provides reproducibility, patient comfort and improved cancer detection for women with dense breast tissue.

Fast Facts

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    Invenia ABUS has shown to increase invasive cancer detection by 55% over mammography alone for women with dense breasts.
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    40% of American women have dense breasts which increases their risk of developing cancer 4-6 times, and 71% of breast cancers are found in dense breasts.
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    Reproducible and efficient, the 15-minute Invenia ABUS exam removes operator dependence, and provides a comfortable, non-ionizing exam for patients.
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    Invenia ABUS captures 3D volumes that provide breast imagers a more complete exam that can be archived and compared with prior exams.

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*Brem RF, Tabár L, Assessing Improvement in Detection of Breast Cancer with Three-dimensional Automated Breast US in Women with Dense Breast Tissue: The SomoInsight Study. Radiology. 2015. Mar; 274(3): 663-73.

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