The logical path to lung protection.

CARESCAPE R860 is an intuitive ICU ventilator that offers a comprehensive solution for Lung Protection strategy by simplifying the use of exceptional advanced tools to assess patient’s lung volume, check potential recruitability and titrate the appropriate PEEP.

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Lung Protection strategy: an integrated approach

The lung is a delicate structure that is highly sensitive. Mechanical ventilation can be detrimental if too much volume or pressure is delivered. And patients affected by lung disease are highly susceptible to ventilation-associated lung injury.1

Nutritional Assessment:
The CARESCAPE R860 offers advanced tools for Indirect Calorimetry measurements that are measured, not estimated. The Metabolics feature in the CARESCAPE R860 has the potential to support improved patient outcomes, reduce infection rates and shorten the length of stay in the ICU.† The GE gas module measures inhaled and exhaled gases which the physician can use to assess a patient’s nutritional status. 

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