Advanced Visualization - AW

HEALTHCARE DIGITAL: Advanced Visualization - AW

An Enterprise suite of image visualization applications

AW streamlines post-processing so you can maximize your most valuable asset: time. AW boosts your productivity across most modalities including CT, MR, PET, SPECT, and Interventional by bringing together most imaging techniques. AW presents a consistent user interface for most clinical applications.


AW provides body part and care area specific visualization and helps improve diagnostic precision.

AW advanced visualization suite of applications spans multiple modalities and care areas. Our new PROView application and Dynamic CT Myocardial Perfusion Feature provide new image visualization features and reporting capabilities.

Fast Facts

  • reports
    New PROView application provides standards based (PI-RADS) prostrate exam assessment and reporting capability.
  • life support system
    New  Dynamic CT Myocardial Perfusion feature provides a guided workflow for whole heart, semi-automated analysis to visualize and quantify myocardial blood perfusion.
  • add
    AW suite of over 50 applications solves the visualization challenges of your image intensive care areas.
  • global
    Global leader in advanced visualization systems installed worldwide1!

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1. 2014 IHS Advanced Visualization World Market Report.

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